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It is often said that The best test of Truth is Time.  Lies will be revealed with the passage of time.  Last Spring, three of the pastors of First Baptist Church Frisco (FBC) met with concerned members of their congregation.  The subject of the meeting was the closing of the Primera Iglesia Bautista De Frisco by First Baptist Church.  Several assertions were made by the pastors at this meeting.  The passage of time now allows us to test the veracity of their statements.

Let’s consider the Pastors’ statements:

1.     STATEMENT #1:  The reason for the lock-out is to protect the congregation of Primera Iglesia Bautista (PIB) from a minister (Rev. Ruiz) whose character flaws make him unfit to pastor a Baptist Congregation.  
a.     In the subsequent months, the PIB Congregation agreed to fire Rev. Ruiz, if FBC would return their Church. 
b.     Having achieved their professed goal, did FBC restore the church to the Hispanic congregation?  NO

2.     STATEMENT #2: There is no desire to destroy or abolish Primera Iglesia Bautista.  FBC’s actions are not racist, and not motivated by prejudice or cultural insensitivity.  FBC loves the people of PIB, and only wishes to protect their faith.
a.     FBC has not attempted to work with or even communicate with the board, officers, or members of PIB to resolve the conflict.   Until PIB hired a lawyer, there was no communication between the PIB membership and the FBC leadership.
b.     In a spirit of love and protection, the pastors of FBC appropriated all of the furnishings and equipment in the PIB Church building.  What they wanted to use, they kept in the church, and everything else they threw into a trailer and dumped in a storage facility.  Then they notified the pastor of PIB that he could pick up anything he wanted from the discard heap. 
a.     Finally, in their desire to protect and love the people of PIB, FBC leased the PIB church building (equipped with PIB belongings) to a Korean congregation.  This is Christian love and protection?

3.     STATEMENT #3: FBC is not motivated by financial gain to destroy PIB in order to secure the PIB property.
a.     PIB hired a lawyer to negotiate a settlement with FBC, and agreed to all of FBC’s demands in order to recover their church.  They agreed to fire Rev. Ruiz.  They agreed to accept outside supervision in their selection of a pastor and in the management of their church.  Did all of this move FBC to return the church to the Hispanic congregation?  NO
b.     Is there anything PIB could do to persuade FBC to return their church?  Apparently not.
c.      Is FBC prepared to invest large sums to employ lawyers to fight all attempts by PIB to regain their church and property?  YES
d.     Does this indicate that FBC intends to keep possession of the PIB Church and property no matter what PIB does?  YES!
e.     Does FBC desperately need the millions to be gained from the sale of the PIB Church property?  YES!



Since the publication of this blog, Primera Iglesia Bautista de Frisco has secured a temporary home in a prefabricated building.  They are meeting there for the first time this Sunday, Jan. 6, at 10:30.  After services there will be a fellowship lunch.  Any Christians wishing to support this little Hispanic congregation in their time of need should consider attending.  In this way we can demonstrate that Christian Love is not bound by culture or language.

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