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Parent-Teacher Responsibilities in Education

Although the responsibilities of parents and educators are difficult, their division is quite simple:

          ·      PARENTS are responsible for seeing that their children attend school regularly, arrive on time, bring their assignments, and are mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to learn.
          ·      TEACHERS are responsible for teaching every child according to his or her needs, in keeping with the curriculum and objectives, using the most effective pedagogical approaches, and their specialized knowledge and experience.

         ·      ADMINISTRATORS and STAFF are responsible for supporting students, teachers and parents to enhance teaching and learning.

Accomplishing each of these jobs is difficult, and requires effort, dedication, and commitment.  The ultimate goal of helping each child achieve his or her unique potential is dependent on each of the three components accomplishing their specific assignments.  When a child fails to learn, one or more of these components is malfunctioning (failing).  Over the past 50 years, I have played all of these roles – none is easy; all are essential.  I have great empathy and understanding for each of these as they strive together to achieve the goal.  I have absolutely no patience for those who seek to excuse their own failings by blaming others.

On checking Social Media this morning, I encountered a request from a grandparent, asking readers to publically chastise a school administrator for punishing a child for being tardy to school.  The grandparent was absolutely right that the first grader should not be the one punished for being late – the parent should be punished.  If you read the “rest of the story” you will find that this was not a one time occurrence, but that the Mother “sometimes” has difficulties starting her car, and THIS makes the child late.  So we see that this is a recurring pattern.  The parent has a number of options that DO NOT make her child regularly late to school: (1) get up earlier so the faulty car starter won’t make the child late; (2) fix the car starter; (3) make alternative arrangement to get your child to school on time.  The parent, NOT the car is responsible for getting her child to school.  The teacher and the principal are NOT responsible for the parent’s thoughtless irresponsibility.  She should be apologizing, not admonishing.

Getting a group of 20 or more young children into a school, into a classroom, settled down, and ready to begin their lessons is a challenging task, and when just one student arrives late, the entire process is disrupted, and every student loses valuable learning time.  It is estimated that one child arriving late in a class of 20 students means a 3-5 minute interruption, costing a total of 60 to 100 minutes of lost instructional time.  A negligent, irresponsible parent who repeatedly brings her child to school late is depriving all of the other students of their RIGHT to an optimal education.  The parent of this child places her “right” to sleep late ahead of the needs of every child in this class.  And if that isn’t bad enough, this parent wants to punish the teacher and principal for not simply accepting her irresponsible behavior.

In an optimal world, this negligent, irresponsible parent would be subject to punishment, but in our system, the Mother is immune from direct repercussions for her actions.  Hence, the innocent child is punished for the “sins of the parent.”  This biblical quote is intensely accurate, but it is not God who punishes the child for the parent’s transgressions.  Children suffer over and over from the “sins” (irresponsibility, selfishness, thoughtlessness, neglect, and ignorance) of their parents, and educators are forced to watch their suffering.

In every classroom, every morning, I can find one or more children too tired and sleepy to do their schoolwork.  They don’t get enough sleep for their brains to function properly because their parents are too ignorant or too lazy to enforce a regular bedtime.  The brain cannot mature or function without sleep.  It is estimated that over half of the children taking medication for ADD suffer from brain malfunctions related to lack of sleep.

In every classroom, every morning, I can find one or more children who are so hungry that they are irritable and unable to focus on their work.  Some of these children are hungry because there is no food in their home, but almost half are hungry because no parent was willing to get up and prepare breakfast for them.  The brain cannot mature or function optimally without proper nourishment, and most experts agree that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day.

In most classrooms, there are children suffering from malnutrition from improper diets.  Indeed, some of these are malnourished and overweight, suffering from disorders related to excessive consumption of sugars and starches, and a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits.

In most classrooms, I can show you one or more children who are suffering physical and mental distress from lack of exercise.  They don’t come to school ready to learn because a basic physical need is not being met.  They need to run and play, and no parent is making certain they have these opportunities.

In most classrooms on any given day, there will be at least one child who is physically sick, and should not be in school.  Too many parents can’t or won’t take time to care for their sick children, so all the children and the schools suffer.

In too many classrooms, I can identify children suffering from anxiety and anger disorders from listening to parents who are constantly angry and shouting and cursing.  I can show you children suffering from parental drug and alcohol addictions.  Indeed, I can show you a few children who are simultaneously suffering from all of the above.

AND in way too many classrooms I can show you teachers, who simply can’t take it any more.  They are expected to help each of these “neglected” and “abused” children, while protecting, teaching, and never neglecting the other children in their classrooms.  Guess what, this is an impossible task.  Too many teachers, who love children and teaching, cannot bear to stand as witnesses to the daily suffering of innocent children.  These teachers are being driven from their profession by parents who are not fulfilling their responsibilities.  The dropout rate among teachers is greater now than ever, and in too many cases, it is the “best,” the most caring, the most dedicated who are being driven out. 

Wake up America’ recognize the intrinsic difficulties of teaching; honor and support struggling teachers.  Tell the politicians to back off, and let teachers make decisions.  Tell irate parents to judge themselves before judging a teacher.  Tell everyone to support and encourage, not crucify, those who are brave enough to enter a classroom and try to make a difference in children’s lives.

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ROYAL ROOTS – And Other Interesting Relations
For Sarah and Denise as they Depart for London and Paris

            Thought that your visit to the Tower of London and the Royal Palaces would be a bit more interesting if you had some personal connection to people and events.  I’ve long been skeptical of genealogies that connect us ordinary folks to Royalty, but recently I’ve come to believe such connections may be possible.  First, our family DNA results support the paper trail we have used to trace our roots; and Second there are some new statistical studies that demonstrate that rich (well fed) people of the past produced more children who had children who had children, etc. than did the more numerous poor.   This is the British Island equivalent of the Genghis Khan effect in which geneticists discovered millions of the conqueror’s male descendants living around the globe.


HENRY TUDOR VIII and MARY KATHERINE BOLEYN – Your 11th and 12th  great grandparents.  Mary was Anne Boleyn’s older sister, and Henry’s mistress.  Their son Henry (called Cary) was the King’s son.  Henry arranged the marriage of Mary to Lord Cary, and the boy used the name of his step-father.  King Henry was exceedingly proud of his bastard son, who had looks, intelligence and courage.  He didn’t make Henry an heir, but gave him multiple titles, honors, and one of the richest heiresses in England as a wife.

 HENRY HUNSDON CARY (1526-1596)) and ANN MORGAN (1529-1543) – were the parents of John Hudson Carey (1556-1606).

            JOHN HUNSDON CARY, JR. (1577-1666) and MARY HYDE (1554-1627) – were the parents of John Richard Cary and Ann Carey.

            ANN CAREY (1600-1668) married ROGER DANIEL III (1600-1680) – They were the parents of JOHN DANIEL I who married ELIZABETH STREET, and immigrated to the Virginia Colony.

            JOHN DANIEL I (1626-1679) and ELIZABETH STREET – were the parents of Sarah Clare Daniel.  John was among the earliest settlers of the Isle of Wight in Virginia.

            SARAH CLARE DANIEL (1666-1724) and CALEB LINDSEY (1664-1717) were the parents of William Lindsey.

            WILLIAM LINDSEY (1695-1768) and JANE CHEW (1700-1784) were the parents of James William Lindsey, Sr.

            JAMES WILLIAM LINDSEY, SR. (1725-1799) and MARY CARLETON (1735-1837) were the parents of James, Jr.  He was born in Virginia but moved to Arkansas.

            JAMES WILLIAM LINDSEY, JR. (1762-1831) AND RACHEL BURKET  (1768-1831) were the parents of Burkett Lindsey.  Another of their sons, Elijah was the Father of the Methodist Church in Arkansas.

            BURKETT W. LINDSEY (1808-1894) and HARIET SERENE WILLIAMS (1814-1888) were the parents of Sarah Adeline Lindsey.  Their son Asbury Monroe Lindsey fought in the Civil War with John Thomas Heard.

Home of James Addison and Sarah Adeline Lindsey Heard in Dry Creek Louisiana -- Burned in the 1980's

            SARAH ADELINE LINDSEY (1840-1925) and JOHN THOMAS HEARD (1845-1912) were the parents of my grandfather, James Addison Heard.

            JAMES ADDISON HEARD (1870-1946) and CLORA FRANCES NOLEN (1880-1968), my grandparents were the parents of 12 children, including Myrtis Lee Heard.

            MYRTIS LEE HEARD (1912-1995) and WILMER HENRY “JACK” JACKSON, SR. (1909-1990), are my parents, the grandparents of my daughters, and the great grandparents of my grandchildren.  You can calculate the rest.

CONFIDENCE LEVEL – We are very confident of the Lindsey Genealogy back to the marriage of Sarah Clare Daniel to Caleb Lindsey, and Sarah Clare’s Father John Daniel I.  Whether John was the son of Ann Carey and Roger Daniel III is debatable, with a number of pieces of evidence supporting the connection.


            While visiting the Tower of London, ask about Thomas Wyatt (The Younger) who was beheaded there on April 11, 1554.  Thomas was a strong protestant, and led a revolt against the Catholic Queen Mary Tudor, in hopes of making her younger sister Elizabeth Tudor Queen.  Elizabeth declared herself loyal to her sister Mary, and Tom’s revolt failed and he was imprisoned and beheaded.  Tom’s father, Thomas Wyatt (the Elder) was imprisoned in the Tower along with Anne Boleyn during Henry III’s reign.  He was accused of being one of her lovers.  However, he was cleared and released.  Tom, Sr. was a close friend of Henry VIII.  Both men were avid poets, hunters, soldiers and lovers. We may well be doubly descended from Thomas Wyatt.  Our Heard (my Mother’s Family) and our Jackson (my Father’s Family) both trace Wyatt roots.

THOMAS WYATT, SR. (1503-1542) and ELIZABETH BROOKE (1503-1560) didn’t get along well, and only had three children, including Thomas, Jr. He was your 14th and 15th great grandfather.

            THOMAS WYATT, JR. (1521-1554) and JANE HAWTT (1522-1600) were the parents of nine sons and two daughters.  Their two youngest sons were George and Frances.  Both Elizabeth Brook and Jane Hawte were rich heiresses from high-ranking families with royal bloodlines.  The Wyatts were among the new rich created by the Tudors.  After Tom Jr. was beheaded, the family lost their lands and wealth and fell upon hard times.

            GEORGE WYATT (1550-1624) and JANE FINCH (1555-1644) had 8 children, including Haute Wyatt, named for his grandmother’s family.

            HAUTE WYATT (1594-1638) and his wife ANN COX (1607-1632) had two children.  With his second wife BARBARA ELIZABETH MITFORT (1598-1626), he had four, including his oldest son Edward (1619-1670) and a younger son George (1622-1671).  I will trace the Heard Family descent from Edward and then the Jackson Family descent from George.  Edward is your 11th and 12th great grandfather on the Heard Line, while George is your 12th and 13th great grandfather on your Jackson Line.

Wakefield Plantation Site of Early Wyatt Plantation in Virginia

            EDWARD WYATT (1619-1670) and JANE CONQUEST (1622-1698) had six children, including Conquest Wyatt.  Conquest Wyatt sought wealth in the American colonies, immigrating to Virginia where he established a plantation in Gloucester County.

            CONQUEST WYATT (1655-1720) and SALLIE PATE had nine children, including Francis Wyatt.

            FRANCIS WYATT (1680-1746) and ELIZABETH KENNON (1680-1725) had seven children, their eldest being William Wyatt, known as “the Mariner.”  William was a planter and a shipper in early Virginia.  William died on a voyage in Sulawesi, Tengah, Indonesia.

            WILLIAM WYATT (1701-1751) and ANN (1675-1718) had four children, including a daughter, Frances Wyatt. 

            FRANCES WYATT (1736-1767) and JOSEPH HEWELL, SR. (1728-1812) had five children, including William Wyatt Hewell.  William Wyatt fought in the Revolutionary War, and moved his family from Virginia to Georgia. Was also an ancestor of the wild west lawman Wyatt Earp.
The Gravesite of William Wyatt Hewell -- Revolutionary War Soldier

            WILLIAM WYATT HEWELL (1756-1842) and FRANCES JOUETT DAVENPORT (1763-1839) had seven children, including Jesse Wyatt Hewell.  Born in Virginia, Jesse Wyatt died in Georgia.

            JESSE WYATT HEWELL (1793-1852) and MARTHA PATSY BERRY (1795-1882) had 12 children.  We have letters Martha wrote to her daughter Mary Susan Hewell, after Mary Susan moved from Georgia to Dry Creek, Louisiana.

Heard Home in Dry Creek, Louisiana, Built by Mary Susan Hewell and Jesse Holloway Heard & enlarged by their son John Thomas Heard and his wife Sarah Adeline Lindsey

            MARY SUSAN HEWELL (1822-1903) and JESSE HOLLOWAY HEARD (1818-1890) had ten children.  Eight are buried in the Dry Creek Cemetery.  Their eldest son, John Thomas Heard inherited the farm in Dry Creek.  He fought in the Civil War, and surrendered after the siege of Vicksburg.  He returned and married the sister of his comrade -- Asbury Monroe Lindsey.

            JOHN THOMAS HEARD (1845-1912) and SARAH ADELINE LINDSEY (1840-1925) had nine children, including my grandfather, James Addison Heard.
Clora Frances Nolen when she was a student of her future husband James Addison Heard.
 JAMES ADDISON HEARD (1870-1946) and CLORA FRANCES NOLEN (1880-1968) had 12 children, including my mother Myrtis Lee Heard (and you know the rest).

CONFICENCE LEVELS --  We are very confident of the Family genealogy as far back as FRANCES WYATT HEWELL.  All of the Wyatt connections from Thomas to William are relatively sound.  The link between Frances Wyatt and William Wyatt is the weak one.  Our Kent relatives have letters and Bible records that support this connection, however, DNA evidence would be of great value.

OUR JACKSON, COX, AND WYATT CONNECTIONS -- In England and Virginia there was a connection between the Cox, Hicks, and Wyatt families that included several marriages.  The common ancestors of my mother and father are HAUTE WYATT (1594-1638) and his second wife BARBARA ELIZABETH MITFORT (note that Haute’s first wife was Ann Cox. I will trace the Jackson connection from them.
           HAUTE WYATT (1594-1638) and his first wife ANN COX (1607-1632) had two children.  With his second wife BARBARA ELIZABETH MITFORT (1598-1626), he had four, including his oldest son Edward (1619-1670) and a younger son George (1622-1671).  The descent from Thomas Wyatt to Haute Wyatt is the same for both lines and not repeated here.

         GEORGE WYATT (1622-1671) and his wife SUSANNAH R BAYNHAM (1623-1726) were the parents of Henry Wyatt, Sr.
Henry Wyatt, Sr. 's Gravestone

          HENRY WYATT, SR. (1647-1705) and his wife ALICE (1651-1780) were the parents of Henry Wyatt, Jr.

          HENRY WYATT, JR (1708-1780) and his wife MARY WYNNE (1708-1790) were the parents of Frances Wyatt.

          FRANCES WYATT (1719-1790) and her husband SAMUEL HICKS (1714-1741) had five children, including William Hicks.

          WILLIAM HICKS (1745- after 1826?) and his wife ELIZABETH HARRIS (1748-1853) were the parents of Jerimiah K Hicks.  The Hicks family was Quaker.

                JERIMIAH K HICKS (1781-1843) and his wife SUSAN ANN “SUCKEY” LIVERET (1785-1851) were the parents of 12 children, including Elizabeth Susan “Betsy” Hicks.

ELIZABETH SUSAN “BETSY” HICKS (1807-1870) and her husband THOMAS J. COX, JR. (1812-1868) were the parents of eight children, including Susan Jane Cox.  The Cox and Hicks families moved from North Carolina to Georgia and to Clarke County Alabama, and then to Winn Parish Louisiana.  Until the Revolutionary War, both families were Quakers.

SUSAN JANE COX (1834-1900) and her husband STEPHEN PUGH JACKSON (1821-1894) were both born in Clarke, Alabama, and married in Winn, Louisiana.  They had three children, including Isaac Thomas Jackson (who is my great grandfather).

ISAAC THOMAS JACKSON (1685-1932) and his wife MARTHA ARDELLA DEAN (1855-1912) were married in Winn Parish and moved to the farm in Red River Parish still owned by his descendants.  They were my great grandparents.  They had eight children, including John Seaborn “Sebe” Jackson.

JOHN SEABORN “SEBE” JACKSON (1881-1950) and his wife IDA BELLE ADAMS (1887-1908) lived in the house still standing on their farm, which is still owned and inhabited by their descendants.  Their children were Theo, Wilmer “Jack, Sr.” John Clinton “Clint,” Lorena, Cecile, Johnnie Marvin, Ida Ola “Iola,” and Sarah Elizabeth.  They were my grandparents.

Wilmer Henry "Jack" Jackson, Sr. when a student at Northwestern State University

WILMER HENRY “JACK” JACKSON, SR. (1909-1990) and his wife MYRTIS LEE HEARD (1912-1995) were the parents of WILMER HENRY “JACKY” JACKSON, JR. and FRANCES RUTH JACKSON.  You can finish the story.

CONFICENCE LEVELS – As with the Heard-Wyatt connection, the early and recent sections of the Jackson-Wyatt lines are accurate.  We know the Wyatt descent from Thomas to Haute is accurate; and we know the Jackson line from Frances Wyatt to our Red River Jacksons is well established.  The weak links are between Frances and Haute.  Probably only DNA will settle the question.

            Since the Noble and Royal Families intermarried (ceaselessly), if you establish a firm link to one royal line, you will find multiple connections to other Royals.  From both the TUDORS, and the BOYLENS and the wives of the WYATTS (BROOKE, HAUTE, FINCH, and CONQUEST) we have multiple connections to the PLANTAGENET Kings, including WILLIAM THE CONQUOR.  Through the Plantagenet wives, we are connected to Royal FRENCH lines, specifically the CAPETS.  Finally, multiple lines attempt to connect to CHARLAMENGE, Emperor of the Franks, through his son PEPIN.   From the British Royals, PLANTAGENET, TUDORS, STUARTS,  and WINDSORS you can calculate relationships to modern British Royals. For example, we are distantly related to both Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Isabell Capet -- The She Wolf

Edward I
Pepin Martel, King of Franks

HOPE YOU ENJOY this genealogical travel tour.  Don’t get overly excited about these connections.  Remember, if they came to the colonies, our ancestors were having some difficulties succeeding in the “Old Country.”  The whole purpose of pursuing family history is to make a stronger connection to the actual history of places and periods.  As you visit places in England, connect and enjoy all you will learn.  HAVE A GREAT TRIP.

William of Normandy & England