Monday, June 27, 2011

MEMORIES OF LIFE -- A LIFE OF MEMORIES: Why I am Writing this Blog

Myrtis Lee Heard Jackson about age 17 to 20

Jackie Jackson age 5, 1st grade
Wilmer Henry "Jack" Jackson at NSU

Memories Die with Us and are lost forever:

There are many views regarding the afterlife, all worthy of consideration; but one thing seems to me most certain and most sad.  When the blood ceases to flow to the brain, the electrical circuits shut down, and the neurons die -- our memories cease to exist upon this upon this Earth.  As much as I would love to see my Mother's or Father's face again, what I most long for could be accomplished in a phone call.  My sentiments must be fairly universal because such needs provide most of the financial support given to "mediums," "psychics," and other clairvoyants.

The Purpose of this Blog
I thought I knew my Mother, my Father, and my brother, Jacky, only to discover when they were gone from this world, how very little I know of their lives, their feelings, and their aspirations.  One day, I realized that the only thing that remains of our life as a family resides in my memories (as poor as these are).  This is even more true of my beloved grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Our memories are the residual of their lives. The only way my knowledge of them can be supplemented is from the memories of others who knew them.  Their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great grandchildren will only know them through memories, and only then if we find a means to perpetuate our collective memories of them.  Otherwise, all that I have of them (and all that I know of other people and things) will vanish with my death.  The purpose of this Blog is to collect and perpetuate those memories.

My Appeal to Readers
I am asking, indeed pleading, that those of you who read this will aid in both of these purposes.  That is, I hope that each of you will add comments to the blog on which you read this, and become contributors.  If you contribute your memories, then together we can build a body of information through which others can know these wonderful people who preceded us and contributed to who we are.

My first attempt at this project was the creation of the Blog Communicating Life, where I published my memories of my-brother-in-law, Dennis Freeman, the deceased mayor of Logansport.  If you knew Dennis, please add your memories of him to that site.  Over time, I will be adding memories of others to the Blog, Communicating Life2.  I can only hope that others will add their memories to mine in order to make this project worthwhile.  I want to express my gratitude in advance to any and all of those who respond.
L.L. & Britt Annie Nunley Freeman
Ida Bell Adams Jackson, age 85

Freeman Sons about 1956

Marie Theresa Jones Nolen

Ruben Benton Freeman

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